In the wake of immense success of the information technology (IT) industry and with a foundation of knowledge-based industry now firmly established, biotechnology and clinical research has emerged fast in India. Although a relatively young market segment, India is looked at as a favored destination for clinical trials and clinical validation studies for a number of key factors:
  • Abundance of patients with ethnic diversity,
  • Highly trained and experienced medical staff,
  • IT-enabled infrastructure, and
  • Low cost.
There is a significant economic advantage in conducting clinical trails in India compared to the developed countries. Recognizing this potential, Qualtran has setup facilities for research in India.

India has been a part of the many FDA and EMEA registration studies. India became a member of WTO in 1995 and agreed to adhere to the product patent regime by 2005. This has led to a significant growth in Pharmaceutical Industry (> 15%) and increased stakes of MNCs in Indian operations.

Qualtran at present is capable of contributing to the following areas of Clinical Research and Drug Discovery: Bio-availability, Bio-equivalence Studies, Clinical Trial Site Management, Clinical Operations management, Multi Centric Clinical Trials, Central Bioanalytical Lab Facilities, Data Management, Bio-statistics, report writing and Global Clinical Trials in Phase I, II, and III. The conduct of simultaneous successful multi-center global clinical trials with Indian sites leading in patient recruitment, retention and completion of all trial related activities, have proved beyond doubt the choice of India as destination for Clinical Trials. The advent of reputable bioanalytical laboratory facilities, their certification and accreditation by national and international agencies and CAPC (College of American Pathologists) has added an important crucial dimension to conduct of clinical trials. No longer there is need to rush trial samples for analysis to international laboratories and no longer have time consuming formalities for sample export and import.