Green Energy - Expertise Areas
Qualtran has a 7 year record in Biotechnology and Power Consulting with over 175 years of combined experience of the core team in providing technology solutions, facilitating collaborations and licensing between companies in the West and India.
Our Goal
Helping clients find, evaluate and implement emerging green fuel and cleantech technologies best suited for India.
Our Approach
We evaluate Green technologies, provide Corporate introductions across India and West, develop business models on the basis of technical and economic assessments and facilitate licensing and partnership agreements.
Core expertise Areas
  • Biofuels
  • Utility Wind Power
  • Solar Power
  • Run-of-river hydro-power
  • Biomass
    Our Green Energy Offerings
  • Strategic Planning
  • Positioning the India Offering
  • Strategic Alliances
    Market Access
  • Marketing- Research
  • Energy Market Intelligence
  • Identification and Access to Key Government ,Private and Financial Institutions
  • Operational Excellence
  • Innovative Green Energy and Bio Fuel Company access
  • Corporate & Government Networking in India and USA
  • Regulatory Networking Access to International grants
  • Highly Skilled Management Team with an excellent success record
  • Ability to conceptualize entity creation and consummate transaction
    Providing Quality Access to
  • Government funding sources
  • Global Development Banks
  • NGO-backed funds
  • Global Cleantech Funds
  • Green Finance focused on Global Development